Viking Vents 3/1

Grand View really needs to be more considerate of its commuter students and the weather. Sometimes a delay is necessary.
-Angry commuter

The drinking age should be 18 instead of 21 because if you’re old enough to sacrifice your life for your country then you should at least be able to drink.
-I’m thirsty

Here’s a new, useful fact for you younger drivers: When the streets are iced over  you can’t stop quickly. Just slow down and put your ##** phones away.
I don’t know how you stopped in time.

I don’t know what scares me more: finding out you’re late for class or having to quickly maneuver down from a lofted bed without risking personal injury.
-Morning mess

The girls’ Nielsen bathroom smells like sewer, all the time.
-Pee you

It’s midterms already? This semester is going by so fast! Well, cross my fingers and hope to cram.
-Watching the semester fly by

The trash that is tangled in the bushes on the median at the crosswalk on E. 14th is disgusting. And now it will get snowed on and be even more disgusting when the snow melts.
-Trash observer

I’m venting about how many of these What’s your Viking Vent? e-mails we get a week; Maybe it’s a good thing people aren’t complaining about GV.
-Satisfied Viking

This is to everyone who plowed or shoveled Grand View on Tuesday February, 26. You did a fast and great job for being completely caught by surprise with the snow. I bet you are as excited as we are for spring. Keep up the great work!
-Thankful walker

Why are we expected to get up at 8 a.m. to go to class when Grand View can’t even get the sidewalks cleaned that early?
-Tired of hiking

I’m thankful that faculty and staff always think about students first and try to accommodate us with anything!
-Thank you!

Two years and it is about time Victor the Viking showed up at one of the basketball games. Glad to see football is not the only big sport on campus!
-New mascot looks really good

I am very angry at people who don’t know how to park between lines.

GV Potty Periodicals in the stalls are really awkward when I’m doing my business.
-Creeped out

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