Viking Vents 2/22

I know Grand View can’t really help with this, but I wish the stoplights at the crosswalk could be replaced. When you’re going north on 14th, they’re so dull you can hardly see them. Green or red. No wonder that we have so many accidents!
-Scared to cross E. 14

I love how my tuition goes up but my scholarships don’t.
-College expenses suck

I don’t like when the Marsden van parks in a normal parking spot instead of the designated spot and I have to hike through this nasty weather from Nielsen parking lot to the L Apartments!
-Tired of trekkin’

Anyone else feel like school has just piled on this semester.

I hate this cold weather!

I’m offended over those FOCUS posters that shows Jesus saying “Hey Girl!” as if he is hitting on girls to come out and do whatever it is they want them to do. As a fellow ship group on campus, I feel that they should know better. I’m just shocked that no one has said anything about it yet.
-Time to take them down

People that break promises make me sad :(
-Let down

Why in the Student Center on the TV in the lounge does it only play ESPN? It seriously only plays sports.
-Say yes to the dress?

Why can I not sleep with my phone on without getting an e-mail every three minutes?
-Campus community

I don’t like the fact that although I do as many credits as a daytime student and  keep a 4.0 I am not eligible for any scholarship funds through Grand View such as the presidential scholarship. I take classes at an accelerated rate and I still feel the increase in tuitions as everyone else.  As an adult I don’t have the luxury to rely on my parents to pay for college so it would be nice to be able to relieve some of that debt by doing what I’ve always done which is working hard, getting good grades and attending class.
-Wanting a chance at a scholarship

Thanks Stacks for ruining my favorite fast food restaurant, Subway!
-Don’t let the door hit you in the a** when you leave at the end of this year

Love all of the snow on the ground snowball fight n laugh anybody?
-Loving the snow

The Student Center needs more green parking and less blue.
-Mean and green

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