Viking Vents 2/15

Is hot water pressure a luxury only afforded to some? I’m tired of checking the faucets to see if I can wash my dishes and taking lukewarm showers with the water barely trickling out.
-Fourth floor L resident

The library staff is awesome!
-One of your work studies

The bookstore staff members are awesome.
-Your work studies

Why can’t professors update Blackboard? Would be nice to see what my grades are.
-Student on edge about grades

Props to my RA for the awesome candy-filled door decs!
-Thankful for the love

I miss Grand View A LOT!

New Grand View sign. So, if it snows, you can’t see the bottom of the sign and if a car is in front of you at the stop light you can’t see it? What’s the point to it then, that you can see it when there’s no snow or traffic? You would think if they put money into something they would of put some thought into it as well. Just saying… a sign is advertisement or a pride statement, and when you can’t see it, not much point to it.
-Grand View student

I just wanted to thank the guy who found my debit card and kindly returned it to me. I am happy to see there are still good people out there.
-Much love

With all the money we pay for housing, there shouldn’t be a cold draft coming through our closed windows, especially not in the L.

People misusing the “all campus community” e-mail list.

Need one more roommate for Jensen! Please let me know if you want to live with me.
-Sick of the mass roommate e-mails!

Dear people next door,
I really love to hear you moan and cry and say “YES” while he is slapping you while taking a shower. I know this is college but come on! Please try to be a little quieter.
-Sincerely, severely creeped out

It’s annoying when I wash my clothes on campus and they come out with stains that weren’t there before I put them in the laundry.

So many long faces around. Smile people, be happy you are alive still and getting an education.
-Can I get a smile?

One of the oldest sports wrestling, being voted out of the Olympics.

I wish people wouldn’t worry so much about the gun laws; half of them don’t even know what they’re talking about or care to listen to reason.
-Research and reason

I’m glad the Internet in the L’s is fixed #joke my Internet is 10 times worse now.

This is the Viking Vent, a place where people can come and freely complain, NOT a billboard for your events and shoutouts to people!
-Venting about venting

Smile it’s Friday :) #Boom

GV should have skipped the suites and just put up more apartments!
-Sophomores just want kitchens

Happy Valentine’s Day to Chris Brown and Rihanna who are now back together! Maybe this year he will give her a ring!
-Around her other eye!

It’s absolutly ridiculous how Grand View isn’t prepared to satisfy the residential needs of the students. Hull Suites would benefit staff and students much better if they supplied a kithen and large living space similar to the Hull Apartments.
I want a kitchen

Stop sending e-mails about housing!
-Enough is enough

Why the hell did they get rid of wrestling in the Olypmics? I would certainly pay more money to watch this
original Olympic sport over watching dancing horse (equestrian) or dancing grandmas in a pool  (synchronized swimming)! If anything, I hope they are trying to make room for pole dancing as an Olympic sport!
-Only sport where spectators throw money at the athletes

I work at a diner and when people come in and talk to me about GVU, it always makes me smile. They say we have the nicest and brightest students. And that we are go
ng far in the world. Keep it up Vikings! :)
-the Viking waitress

The cleaning staff is so nice at Grand View. Everyone is so nice, even the people planting flowers! So nice! Thank you!
-Thankful student

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