Viking Vents 2/8

As  I read the Viking Vents, I realize a lot of you complain/vent about the dumbest things: Blackboard, parking, having to work a pinch harder, etc. I don’t understand the point of all the whining about pointless issues. Stop being so daft.

-The optimist


The intramural refs are poo, poopoo, sorry, horrid, an embarrassment to basketball, sissies, losers, a joke..

-The list goes on

The housing lottery

-Screwed over

To “Tired of searching:” Viking House has both a fridge and a microwave that you can use!  Feel free to stop on by :)

-GV Student Ministries


A HUGE thank you to Chris Brenneman and the crew at Sodexo for pulling together a delicious luncheon on so very little notice and for being more than willing to go that extra mile.

-Big thanks

I’m really impressed with the amount of work the guys in the IT department have been putting into the wireless in the L. I’ve definitely noticed an improvement. Keep up the good work.

-Happy Internet surfer

Clean up the sidewalks better. One could easily slip even while doing the penguin shuffle.

-Everyday I’m shuffling

While I am pleased with the recent rennovations to the wellness center, it’s similar to when someone takes to polishing a turd, at the end of the day, it’s still a turd.  The wellness center doesn’t satisfy or accommodate the needs of both students and student athletes.  It’s too small and overused, what’s the long-term plan in there?  A new track? More courts? More locker room space? Fewer classrooms?

-Wishing they’d tell us

I wish GV would have put up more apartments instead of the suits.

-Sophomores that just want a kitchen

Will you be my valentine?

-Lonely lover

It’s time the rock was repainted.

-Loved Julefest, but it’s time

Happy Friday. Stay motivated and safe during the weekend :) #Let’sgo #BOOM

-Blessed student

Good thing Grand View doesn’t have a no smoking policy in the apartments. It’s probably my favorite smell.


Anyone else enjoy walking into a puff of smoke in the L Apartments?

-Got weed?

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