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2014-2015 The Grand Views Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Kalli McCannnews editorSee Kalli McCann's profile
See Kalli McCann's profile
Karissa Davisfeatures editorSee Karissa Davis's profile
See Karissa Davis's profile
Laura Goettschcopy editor See Laura Goettsch's profile
See Laura Goettsch's profile
Jen Bradwelldesign editorSee Jen Bradwell's profile
See Jen Bradwell's profile
Leila Rushonline and marketing editorSee Leila Rush's profile
See Leila Rush's profile
Veronica Payneco-editor-in-chief and sports editorSee Veronica Payne's profile
See Veronica Payne's profile
Theresa Macdonaldco-editor-in-chief and photography editorSee Theresa Macdonald's profile
See Theresa Macdonald's profile