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Joey Aguirre, Sports Editor

As Jim Ryan, a basketball coach from St. Louis, would say to me when I was younger, “Basketball is like poetry and the way basketball players move on the court is like Baryshnikov in shorts.” Last Friday, the show ended for the men’s basketball team.

The 2012-2013 men’s basketball team wasn’t poetry in motion by any stretch of the imagination, with eight freshmen, four juniors and only three seniors, experience was limited going into this season.

We started on the first Friday of the school year and haven’t stopped yet.

Ask any basketball player about  the “Syracuse” conditioning we did and you’ll immediatley see their eyes roll back and the horror stories will come out.

Full court sprint, half court slide, full court sprint, free throw line back peddle. I swear I had nightmares for weeks, I still do.

And don’t be late to a 6 a.m. lift, we have this thing called a “16 in a minute” that is just not very fun.

Sprint the width of the basketball court 16 times, eight times across the court and back in a minute.

You get really tired, really fast.

Then those first weeks of real practice start, and no matter what kind of shape you are in, those legs of yours get really tired. Defensive drill after defensive drill, close out after close out.

A personal favorite of this year’s team, is Coach Woodley’s take a charge and dive on the floor for a loose ball drill. If I knew the technical term for that I would say it, but honestly I don’t think there is one.

Our season didn’t go as we all would of liked it to, but there is so much talent on that roster that they have no choice but to get better, those guys won’t have a choice.

The MCC is a very physical league, Coach Schaefer plays a very physcial style of basketball that the guys will grasp more next season. Buying in to playing Schaefer’s system isn’t done overnight.

However, what we have coming back is a group full of young men that love to hangout in the gym. Jumpshots that were short this year, will be a little longer next year. Passes that got deflected will graze just past that defender’s finger.

The only thing is, I feel bad for the rest of the teams in the MCC.

Thanks for reading.

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