Abusement Park wins intramurals

Joey Aguirre, Sports Editor

It took a pull-up jump shot from secondary education senior Josh Flaws with 13 seconds left to give the Abusement Park a 56-53 victory and the 2013 5-5 intramural Championship last Tuesday night in Sisam Arena.

Flaws, who was interviewed in the Sept. 21st issue of The Grand Views saying, “My team will win the 5-5 basketball intramural championship this year,” delivered on his promise.

“I got a screen and saw my defender went underneath it,” Flaws said. “As soon as I saw him going under the screen I told myself I’m shooting this 15 footer and it’s going in.”

Travis Smith, senior secondary education major, said, “They weren’t shooting very well so we knew we had to block out and rebound. Offensively we were faster than them and could get to the rim and as long as we rebounded we would have success.”

Abusement Park consisted of eight guys, Joey Aguirre, Bryce Deeth, Andrew Thierer, Justin

Flaws, Brady Roland, Hutch Burns, Flaws and Smith.

Flaws said, “I said it earlier this year, we’ve been close the last three years and this was our time. I knew from the opening tip from the first game, honestly, it might have been during the warmups.”

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