2013 Track Championships will include Vikings

Morgan Larrington, Reporter

As the indoor track season winds down for many athletes, a few others are preparing for a chance to become All-Americans in the NAIA National Championships, held in Geneva, Ohio Feb. 28 through March 2.

The athletes had six meets to try to qualify for nationals this season by either hitting “A” or “B” standard. Hitting “A” standard means the athlete will automatically qualify for nationals. Hitting “B” standard means the athlete is not guaranteed a spot at nationals. A team is allowed three “B” standards to go to nationals on for both the men and women. Grand View filled all three “B” standard positions on both sides this year, as well as a few “A” standard qualifiers.

Jerry Monner, head track and field coach, said, “One of the highlights from this year was  a few people making their first trip to nationals, whether it’s part of a relay or individual, that’s pretty neat for them. Likewise, some of the upper classmen going back for a second or third time and having a chance to hopefully bring home some All-American awards.”

There are 18 athletes competing in this year’s track and field nationals meet. The women’s side will consist of Devon Jensen, senior; Holly Anthony, junior; Colleen Frank, junior; Val Veiock, sophomore; Jasmine Nielsen, sophomore; Allie McFayden, senior; D’Autre Ayers, freshman; Brooke Hammond, freshman; and alternate Ashley Ubbelohde, junior.

Those competing for the men include, Keonte White, sophomore; Tariqu White, senior; Cy Williams, senior; Lance Maxwell, junior; Wes Hammer, junior; Zach Vos, junior; Alex Alvarez, junior; Bryce Adger, junior; and alternate Tre Porter, freshman. Adger will also be competing in the heptathlon.
Both Alvarez and Maxwell said they had the same vision, “to make finals and become All-Americans.”
McFayden and Nielsen, veterans to nationals, said, “We all need to run our personal best. Our goal should just be to compete with the runners there.”

Adger said, “I expect to be an All-American I am sitting top 10 right now.”

The coaches said they have similar goals to the athletes for this competition.

Monner said, “We want them to go out and get a personal best. We want them to be prepared to give it a true effort and hit a personal record, and hopefully that is good enough to bring home All-American awards. I’m excited for the competition to get started and to see what they can do.”

Anyone interested in seeing what unfolds at nationals can find live streaming at NAIA.org.

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