Giving special thanks to GV almuni

Brooke Curry, Features Editor

Many students do not realize the impact Grand View alumni have on our campus. Without their support, the campus would not thrive and prosper like it has since I was a freshman and long before.

Since my freshman year, the campus has grown as a school and community in ways some students have not had the privilege to see. Others, including myself, have grown to see the value in having alumni, and we have given thanks to them along the way. Faculty and staff who have been on campus for four or more years have seen the progression and have done a great job of informing the students of the developments the campus has made.

I have met some very influential people while being a part of GV United, a leadership team on campus that focuses on bridging the gap between current students and alumni. Many of the alumni from Grand View wholeheartedly support the school and every decision the current administration makes including new buildings, ground plans and other major renovations or decisions that impact the campus.

No, all the money does not come out of students’ tuition; much of it is donated from people that have been in our position and understand our time on campus is valuable. They know it is important that we have a good college experience.

After graduation, I plan to maintain a connection with the school in some way, whether it is donating my time to the National Alumni Council, participating in activities, going to events or donating money.

I understand why some students might say, “I don’t have enough money.” I feel your pain, but if you donate even $5 a month, I promise you will not break the bank. You are helping a good cause and you are representing a school you dedicated four years of your life to.

I would just like to say a special thanks to those who have contributed to the success of the campus including alumni, faculty, staff and students because without you, my experience at Grand View would not have been the same.

As for those who enjoy complaining about everything on campus, including the residential dorms and apartments: Stop and think first. Those kinds of contributions to campus may not even be here if it weren’t for our alumni.

If you would like to also give back to the alumni on campus, GV United is having a Donor Thank You Day March 26, so be watching your emails because there will be more information on that to come.

Otherwise, contact the advancement team on the third floor of the Humphrey building for more information.

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