Russian parliament visits GV

Theresa Macdonald, Staff Writer

Students met and spoke with members of the Stravropol Krai, Russian Parliament on Thursday Feb. 20 in the Rodholm Room of the Humphrey Center. Their students and parliament members were given the chance to ask each other questions and discuss topics.

The group was visiting Grand View through a program called Iowa Sister States, which connects Iowans with the world community. The group visiting was celebrating the 25th  anniversary of the partnering of the two groups.
Students were able to discuss different government groups available in Stavropol Krai, such as the Youth Parliament.

Sergey Chernyshov, director of the Youth Parliament, said, “A youth parliament is supposed to represent the views and interests of the youth. We believe the youth can be really interested in politics and their rights.”

Next the group discussed the involvement of American youth in politics.
Mickey Gallagher, pre-nursing freshman, said, “Some young adults get involved in politics, but not everyone. It all just depends if that is what you are interested in or not.”
When the topic changed to the differences between Russia and the United States,

Chernyshov said, “There is not much difference between our two countries, we both have different nationalities, races, cultures. The youth here are so used to freedom, but Russians, we don’t have that same understanding of freedom.”

The parliament members then asked how Americans view Russians. They then followed up with “Do you think we just drink?”

The students shrugged and laughed. During the hour session, three translators worked together to help the group of parliament members answer and ask questions.
The visitors also asked if Grand View had a student council and how it helped out the students.
The topic then shifted to the Olympics and how the parliament members felt about wrestling being taken out of the Olympics.

Grigoriy Amnuel, parliament member, said, “That topic is still up for discussion in Russia because that is one sport we know we can really win gold medal.”

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