New required core class

Sammi Witten, Reporter

Beginning fall 2013, INTS 470 will no longer be the core curriculum capstone, it will, instead, be replaced with a new core curriculum class.

The new class, LIBA 450, will mainly affect freshmen entering in the fall semester.  Current upperclassmen will be the least affected by this change.

John Lyden, director of core curriculum, said, “There will be some similarities to INTS 470, but some differences as well.”

The main difference between the old core and the new core curriculums is that now three core seminars will be required.  Core I will be directed toward freshman and will center on the question, “Who am I?”  Core II will be for sophomores and/or juniors and will focus on global awareness and cultural diversity.

Finally, the senior vocation or Core III will be for juniors or seniors and will address multiple questions, which pertain to their future jobs, how they will contribute to society and how to serve others.

INTS 470 and the new capstone are similar in a sense as well.

Steve Snyder, professor of humanities, said, “The courses are similar in nature. Both ask students to evaluate the meaning, value and significance of their undergraduate experience.”

Upperclassmen who haven’t taken INTS 470 and still need the core will take core seminar three of the new capstone, its equivalent.

Lyden said, “Students in the previous catalog would not need to take the first two core seminars, only the last core.”

Although the new core is geared more toward freshmen, David Holliday, health promotion senior, is taking INTS 470 this semester and said he is glad the new core will work with the current upperclassmen that have yet to take the class.

Aaron Snethen, graphic design senior, has taken INTS 470, said he is glad the new core will be somewhat similar to the old capstone.

Snethen said, “I enjoyed the INTS 470 class. I actually feel like there needs to be more classes like it.”

Professor Lyden said he is excited for the new curriculum to start in the fall.

Lyden said, “It will be a positive change and the students will be accommodated.”

If students have any further questions regarding the new core they can contact the Registrar’s Office or their advisors.

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