Big Deam Guy returns

Joshua Moncivais, Staff Writer

The host of the Big Dream Gathering, Mitch Matthews, is back again, this time with a Cowboys and Rock Stars message at 7 p.m., Thursday March 7, in the Viking Theatre.

As a part of the EDGE EVENTS: Lecture Series, this event is free to the campus community.

The event will focus on, The Big Dream Guy who will help students realize the plan, professionalism and connections needed to succeed in the job market.

Matthews calls himself the Big Dream Guy because he does Big Dream Gatherings all over the nation, in colleges and universities. His mission is to work with college students and help them dream big and think about what kind of goals they have for their lives.

Jason Bauer, associate vice president for student affairs, said, “Mitch Matthews is one of those guys that when he walks into the room there is something about him that gravitates and people want to just know more about him.”

Bauer said getting him up on stage and hearing him speak will hopefully help students walk away changed, and that’s what college is all about, trying to help develop ourselves become better people.

Susie Stearns, director of the Career Center, said Matthews presents everywhere, in large venues as well as smaller schools. He has enthusiasm and lots of success behind him in terms of providing an opportunity for students to think big and to start networking.

Matthews has spoken in these unique events and has inspired thousands of people to think about their big dreams. He has also given them encouragement to go after those dreams.

Stearns said, “He inspires students to think big, to understand themselves and to think about how they can serve others and make a difference.”

Kent Schornack, director of leadership and counseling, said, “I think, though, he’s not about just existing or doing your job, he’s about pursing your passion and going after your dreams. I think it’s about connecting and networking with people who can helpful fulfill your dreams and go after your passion.”

Bauer said, “I just felt that these opportunities are there for students. When you leave college you don’t have the opportunity to listen to a speaker like this. Usually you have to pay big money to get to listen to him and here you get to do that for free, and so you may miss out on that opportunity to have your life change for the better.”

For his first event of the year, the Big Dream Gathering on Sept. 25, Matthews had more than 416 people from Grand View and the Des Moines community fill the Johnson Wellness Center with 837 dreams.

Schornack said, “I’m excited for students to have somebody to help them with the path to connect to their dreams. I think sometimes we have big dreams and they seem so big we don’t know how to get there. I think he’s going to bring ideas and energy to help students learn how to get there.”

The Big Dream Gathering is sponsored by the Career Center, Student Life, Viking Council and SAC.

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