Blasphemy Day Celebration leaves its mark across campus

Stephanie Ivankovich, Editor in Chief

Opinions, expressions, sayings, illustrations and quotes flooded Grandview Avenue from the crosswalk to the end of the Rasmussen parking lot in celebration of Blasphemy Day, 7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Oct. 1.

About 50 students participated in this event put together by Saul Schlegel, visual arts senior, and Sarah Jacobs, mass communication and photography senior.

“The turnout was fantastic, so great,” Schlegel said. “I really feel like this year we have a larger student body and I also feel like some of the curriculum at Grand View has changed to allow for an open exchange of differing ideas.”

Ashley Verschuure, health promotion and fitness management sophomore, drew an illustration of musical notes and wrote ‘music is the key to my sanity.’

“It made me voice my opinion,” Verschuure said. “It made me feel connected to my school and the surroundings. When I see a quote I like I think, ‘wow, other people think like me.’ It helps me get a feel about other people in their surroundings, it’s kind of cool.”
Jacobs said she was surprised at the amount of writing on the street.

“It makes me really happy to know that people are willing to express themselves and not be afraid of people disagreeing with them,” Jacobs said.

This is the first year it was approved by Student Life. Schlegel wrote proposals to Student Life.

Jason Bauer, associate vice president for student life, received proposals from Schlegel.

“The people in charge of it this year took great efforts to work with Grand View and have parameters that Grand View would support,” Bauer said.

Schlegel funded the entire event himself.

“I don’t feel like there is an open and honest exchange of ideas,” Schlegel said. “I feel like people are stuck in ways of thinking that limit their view. How do you know yourself if you haven’t looked inward and talked about it with other people? It’s for the good of everybody.”

Bauer said they will look into another Blasphemy Day for next year, if someone is interested in hosting the event.

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