Found Things; one-of-a-kind finds

Theresa Macdonald, Staff Writer

Walking into Found Things, an antique shop in the Historic East Village, is like walking through a museum. Vintage pictures hung on the wall and household items found on the first floor. Found Things opened eight years ago and is a spot to find something special.

Marsha Steele, owner of Found Things, said, “I chose the East Village as a place to open my store because I love old buildings and neighborhoods. I fully support the East Side and downtown Des Moines.”

Selling everything from antique furniture to antique decorations, the first floor is devoted to items found by the owner, while the second floor is rented out to 12 different people who sell personal antique items.

Steele said, “I have one rule: I have to love everything that I sell. If I am not passionate about it, I can’t expect someone else to be as well.”

With the store being closed on Mondays, Steele has the opportunity every week to go out in search of the perfect items for her store.

Found Things was the first antiques store in the East Village. Steele also reached out to the owners of

Porch Light, a neighboring antique store, making the East Village the spot for up-and-coming antique shops.

Steele said, “If people are coming to downtown to look at my store they might also like what Porch Light has to offer, and if someone is coming down to look at Porch Light they might stop on by and look at what I have in stock as well.”

Customers are able to look around the store and reminisce about different items that might remind them of their childhood.

“Never be afraid to follow, you’re a dream at any age, I waited until after I finished my corporate career before I opened Found Things. I had so much passion I couldn’t sleep at night. If you have that much passion about something you can do it at any age,” Steele said.

Found Things is open from 11a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesday-Saturday and from noon-4 p.m. on Sunday.

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