Everyone has a story: Robby Patterson

Justin Welsh, Staff Writer

Many campus residents only see one side of their hall directors, but there are many aspects to hall director Robby Patterson that people are not aware of.

Patterson, hall director of Knudsen and Nielsen halls, started working in May 2011. Patterson is also in Grand View’s graduate program for innovative leadership with a business focus. Hall directors are the part of the residence life staff responsible for certain residential halls on campus.

Patterson began his journey once he decided to move to Des Moines from Minnesota in order to attend Drake University. After graduating from Drake, Patterson spent a year working for Nationwide, an insurance company, but later decided it wasn’t for him.

Patterson then decided to seek out a role similar to his resident assistant role he held his senior year at Drake. This is what led Patterson to choose to be a hall director at Grand View.

Patterson said, “I enjoyed the college atmosphere and the responsibility of overseeing students and making sure things were going smooth for them.”

Most of the time residents might only see their hall director at an event put for the residence halls, during disciplinary actions or when there is an issue to be resolved. Many may not see the other side of them. Patterson’s free-time is spent doing song mixing and song mashups.

Patterson will also occasionally put his own personal taste into his song mixes. He began doing song covers during his freshman year of college and gave them away as personal gifts for birthdays or as Christmas presents.

“People enjoy them and I enjoy making them. They’re meant to be personal gifts I share with people personally,” Patterson said.

Patterson will pull inspiration from artists such as Lupe Fiasco.

“A lot of his personal views are kind of out there, but his focal message is ‘whatever influence you have, use it to make the world a better place,” Patterson said.

With his role at Grand View, Patterson has left his own impact on the Residence Life staff.

Grant Liebe, resident assistant, said, “When Robby speaks it is in your best interest to listen up because whatever comes out is certain to be extremely humorous or incredibly insightful.”

Kristin Johnson, resident assistant, said, “He is good at pumping up the resident assistants and does his job with integrity.”

After finishing his graduate studies, Patterson said he plans to continue working in Residence Life.
Patterson said, “Wherever life takes me after this it will be with people I enjoy being around.”

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