Student fees go toward campus activies

Stephanie Ivankovich, Social Media Editor

Every student’s tuition bill includes a student activity fee of $65. But where does that money go?

This year the school received $206,830 from the student activity fee.

The $65 is divided in five different categories: Viking Council, Student Activity Council, Viking Council/Student Activity Council, ALT-magazine/Bifrost and student leadership groups.

The Viking Council gets $20.15 of the $65. Jay Prescott, vice president of student affairs and Viking Council advisor, said most of the Viking Council money goes to supporting clubs, organizations and the campus.

“The Viking Council supports different proposals,” Prescott said. “They have supported Martin Luther King Day and the Multicultural Day that is coming up.”

The Student Activity Council gets $31.20 of the $65. Prescott said this money goes toward student activities, such as free bowling night and events at The Funny Bone.

The Viking Council/Student Activity Council gets $5.20 from the fee. This fee goes towards events that both Viking Council and Student Activity Council do together.

“There are a number of things both Viking Council and SAC support,” Prescott said. “There are about four or five events every year that are traditional, such as campus wide picnics and Woodrow Wilson week. They do these events together.”

ALT magazine and Bifrost’s annual publication get $5.85 from the fee. Prescott said the history publication hasn’t been out for a couple years so this money is currently for those publciations.

The last part goes to student leadership. Student leadership gets $2.60. This money goes to train all student leaders on campus.

Taylor Christensen, Viking Council president, said that $65 is a low student activity fee.

“Grand View’s student activity fee is much lower than the other schools,” Christensen said. “I am trying to get the student activity fee to be more in the future. In my opinion campus does not have ‘memorable’ events. I’m hoping to create those memorable events so students have that fun college experience they will remember.”

Christensen said that Simpson College brought in Taz the comedian and another school brought in Sean Kingston.

“My time is expiring now, but it’s my goal in the next two or three years to get enough money for that,” Christensen said. “If we can get a big artist or comedian to Grand View that would be something special.”

Christensen said he makes sure all the money in each group gets spent within that year so it goes back to the students.

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