Poll of random students were asked about this year’s debates: 1. What did you learn? 2. Is there anything you would like to know more about?

Patrek Tufts

1. “There’s a lot more that goes into politics than just their beliefs and what they are going to do and a lot of it has something to do with their personalities.”
2. “I’d like to know more about their foreign policies and what they want to do with their foreign policies.”


Jordan Henkenius – secondary education sophomore

1. “I learned that one candidate is going to cut it and give vouchers to people who have medicare whereas the other candidate will keep medicare as it is. In my opinions, these were helpful especially for in my field.”
2. “Specifically, I would like to know more background about the medicare and why the candidates are choosing the decisions they are making.”


Tyler Johnson – computer science freshman

1. “I learned that people are very stupid.”
2. “I would like to learn more details about what President Obama wants to have in Obamacare. More specific and simplified idea.”


John Evans-Turner – health promotion sophomore

1. “They are both not perfect and they both make mistakes in terms of trying to get their points across so you can’t go off of their words.”
2. “I want to see more what they can do now because you can’t really see what’s gonna happen in four years and who’s gonna follow through with the plans.”


Meghan McCoy – health promotion senior

1. “I was actually a little disturbed. I’m kind of worry about either candidates, they seem to be more interested in tearing each other down than they are building the country up.”
2. “Being in a health promotion major, I’d like to learn more about the different candidate policies on health care. Learning more about the intricacies of Obama’s healthcare plan and the differences of Romney’s health care plan.”


Michael Cortez -secondary education sophomore

1. “I learned that I actually thought Romney is a viable candidate even though he has no foreign policy experience. At least he would know what to do with the situation.”
2.“I wish candidates gave more specifics about what they want to do. They just beat around the bush, they never said how they are actually going to do it.”


Haleigh Biancalana – health promotion junior

1. “I was big on the education aspect of it since it directly effects me at the moment.”
2. “It goes along with education aspect of it. I’d like to know more about loans, helping kids not drop out of college.”


Austin Bittner – history sophomore

1. “Personally I learn is just a different view points of each candidates. Most of the stuff was what I already knew quite a bit about, more of them re-iterating their point of views.”
2. “I’d like to know more about what they plan to do with their budgets.”

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